Trinova Wellness Centre Inc

Welcome to Trinova At Trinova we are driven by our mission to help each person realize their optimal health and unlock their full potential by providing holistic teachings and preventative services that address root causes symptoms and put people on the path of wellness. We utilize a biopsychosocial approach where we look at the Whole-person- your body, mind and spirit. Our team is made up of Chiropractors, Counselors,Physiotherapists, Life Coach Specialists, Fitness trainers, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist and more. We will take an honest appraisal of your emotional, physical, spiritual, well-being in order to deal with each of your issues from a place of true understanding.

How We Are Different

Holistic approach addressing every aspect of you – Body, Mind and Spirit

Customized programs that are designed to take you beyond restoration into wellness

Client-centered approach with counselling/life coaching services

Commitment to service in excellence.


What is the Whole Person Approach ?

The underlying principle of ‘whole’ person approach begins with the understanding that as an individual, your physical, emotional and spiritual needs are intricately related.

It may seem to you that your main problem at the moment is physically, but just treating the physical symptoms may not be enough to ensure your optimal health. The problem isn’t getting healthy but staying healthy, and we believe in order for your time with us to be meaningful and effective, it must not only help alleviate presenting symptoms but it must also explore the complex interactions of body, mind and spirit. We will take an honest appraisal of your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being to examine and treat each issue from a place of genuine care, concern and true understanding.

Wondering if Trinova is right for you? Explore Our Featured Success Stories

  • M.N.

    tough enough to hold me accountable but compassionate and loving enough to patiently stay with me

    As an African American young adult woman who was over weight and struggling with relationship addiction for several years, it is only by God’s grace that He connected me to Trinova Wellness Centre. I have tried many times to overcome this issue on my own, yet it always creeps back into my life. I highly recommend Trinova to any person who is struggling to overcome certain addictions in their life like food addiction or relationship addictions. Jennifer is a skilled therapist who is passionate about helping individuals experience victory. If you’re reading this and wondering if you should contact Trinova- DO IT!. You’re right, you can’t do it on your own. They were tough enough to hold me accountable but compassionate and loving enough to patiently stay with me as we journeyed together in my recovery.
  • D.A.

    The Trinova Way...Life changing...

    I love the 'Trinova Way'.   They are honest about the work that it will take to achieve my goals.  Jennifer and her team came along side me and met me where I was at.  They  spent a lot of time educating me on the various ways to fight inflammation and joint pain. They empowered me to take my health into my own hands and I did just that! I am grateful!
  • P.C.


    My journey to Trinova started with an email to find out more about the clinic and their approach.  Before I realize it, I joined their 12 week Re-Start Program!  From the moment I started the program, I somehow felt like this is what I have been searching for my whole life.  If there was one word that I could use to sum up what Trinova means to me, it would be INVALUABLE! When you are trying to make big life changes and believe me I  was trying to make big life change - Trinova is exactly what you need.  Whether it was their compassion or tough love, they motivated me to achieve my health.  When those 12 weeks were over and I went on the scale to realize that I lost 18 lbs, reversed diabetes and reduced my bad cholesterol I felt accomplished.   I am now in the maintenance phase of the program and still loving it.